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9የካቲት 9,2013

የ ኮሌጁ አስተዳደር እንዲውም መዕምራኖች እና የተመራቂ ተማሪ ወላጆች በተገኙበት በደመቀ ውኔታ ተከብሮ አልፍዋል::

መጋቢት 8,2013

ውድ በኮሌጃችን ስልጠናችሁን ተከታትላቹ የወጣቹ የቀድሞ ሰልጣኞች ፤የቀድሞ ተማሪዎች ማህበርን ለማቋቋም ያሰብነው ሃሳብ ይሳካልን ዘንድ በዚህ ሊንክ መሠረት መረጃውን በመሙላት ይተባበሩን(Share share share) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3SNy3uXS0SbPNZv_gpoeOTVePPp9OBYqFwxIedpWmGgSIxA/viewform?usp=sf_link ☝️☝️ ከላይ ያለዉን ሊንክ copy በማረግ ማንኛውንም browser ላይ paste በማረግ ተጠቀሙ

November 09 / 2013 E.

I stand for the country defense respect!! Yesterdays program with Addis Ababa sport commissioners and staffs of Addis Ababa city Technical training agency this program we wont save for our countrys defense army 15 institutions that are found in the idea of a leader including the agency!! 5692 leaders and workers 27,519,393.19 (twenty seven million five hundred fifty thirty three thousand) have donated today. In addition to the practical poly technical college, the Director of Agency, Mr. Nigatu Dagnachew has taken place with the idea of blood donation, including college dins, officials and employees who gave me his life to the hero defense force, the army, has given me blood. Addis Ababa City Administration Technical and Professional Training Agency said that our hero Nigatu Dagnachew is on the way to the national unity and society. The main director Mr. Nigatu wont hold him. He has confirmed that the leaders and 15 colleges are ready to pay for our defense force and salary for one month. The director Mr. Nigatu Dagnachew who said we wont negotiate with the country and national defense force has given his thanks to the director of the organization and staff who participated in all issues. The workers and leaders have said that they will stand with the defense army for the country unity, love, cooperation, tolerance and unity. The collaboration of blood donation and financial support and the current situation is responsible for the technical college. Welcome to the college Mr. Girum Girma. The report is the Addis Ababa sport commission relationship

This shows our readiness to reopen our training program.
October 31, 2020


To protect ourselves from the disease, we need to apply this protocol

After the success of training, we have made a chemical conflict.

Nov. 2, 2020

ሳኒታይዘር በሴንሰር የሚረጨው የእጅ ማጽጃ/Sensor Based Sanitizer for hygiene
Jun 2, 2020


We are always proud in every aspect of your work. What we do for the community, accomplished tasks with best quality and speed show your commitment. Salute!

May 28,2020