Announcements !!

Nov 3, 2020
Dear college coaches, joining GIZD Ethiopia, finishing their training and giving three months training to trainers who are looking for a job. https://forms.gle/Y5ao94Vf75Xrm8M56. use this link. Share and make it reach to others GIZ ' ' Graduate Anchoring Program (GAP) ' Three Month Training ′′ TVET graduates who are looking for jobs after school are to increase their ability to hire better experience, skills and knowledge Graduate Anchoring Program (GAP) ′′ TVET Diploma according to this training, only graduates are more than 3 and more graduates. Your servant should be answered on time according to his leader. Last day of entry will be at 1/03/2013 Use the following link to go to the app https://forms.gle/Y5ao94Vf75Xrm8M56.

Nov 2, 2020
Dear college graduates from 23/02/13 It will be remembered that training has started since then. Because the time limit for the training is limited, it should be done before the training time is over. Let's reach the end of our goal by not getting away from training and doing what you have been given by coaches! We will soon announce the time our trainers will start training. Have a great day!

October 28, 2020
Dear graduate coaches, we welcome you to the training that starts Monday at 23/02/13 We also ask you to keep your health safe from the trustee.
1. When they reach the college door, they will use the door prepared for coaches and go to college.
2. should wash their hands properly before entering training workshops.
3. they should keep their physical distance in any incident.
4. should move as a nose and mouth cover.
5. When comes to training they should come to rule clothes (wearing uniform). #ለሌሎች_ምክንያት_ላለመሆን_ጥንቃቄ_አይለየን!

October 27, 2020
Dear college graduates, we will start the training that has been cancelled because of korena since Monday 23/02/2013 and we would like to inform you that only the graduated coaches will be found on the day. Please help us to share so that the information can reach everyone! #ጤናችንን_ጠብቀን_ስልጠናችንን_እናጠናቅቃለን!

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