• Providing practical training for the aspiring and currently operating micro-economic sectors.
• Instigating job creation and economic growth through entrepreneurship development
• Creating direct link between small business community and industry allowing for an infusion of innovation and practicality in to the college’s curriculum.


• Offer training on level 5 different fields
• Serve as a means of linking between and among SMALL enterprises’
• Integrate GMF, industry training with the actual economic practice of the country


• Garage service
• Consultation
• Short term training for working industries
Courses Offered
• Vehicle servicing Level-I
• Vehicle servicing and repairing level-II
• Vehicle body repairing and painting level –II
Automotive level III
1. Vehicle power train and under chassis overhauling
2. Vehicle painting
3. Vehicle engine overhauling
4. Electrical and Electronics work
5. Vehicle body repairing
Automotive level IV
1. Automotive body repairing and painting supervision
2. Automotive electromechanical diagnosis
Automotive level V
1. Automotive electromechanical analyzing and modification
2. Automotive body repairing and painting management


Belay Bekele
1. Amelan Akinaw
2. Asfaw Deyas
3. Bekele Abera
4. Belay Bekele, HEAD DEPARTMENT
5. Debebe Getu
6. Dereje lema
7. Endal Tessema
8. Endal wondimu
9. Engedawork Worsa
10. Felmeta Trefe
11. Hailu Mulugeta
12. Jemal Ibrahim
13. Mandfero Fante
14. Meti Temesigen
15. Mulugeta Gebre
16. Mintsenot Befikadu
17. Seid worku
18. Solomon Balcha
19. Solomon Mekonnen
20. Tibebu Alemu
21. Tibebu Genet
22. Yonas Tamirat
23. Yusuf Abdulhammid
24. Zerthun Beyen


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