The mission of Health Information technology is to train and prepare professionals with knowledge needed to ensure accessibility, accuracy, availability, integrity, and security of patient health information Mission.


Vision of the department is to offer an integrated, innovative health information technology education that ensures the facilitation of real-time healthcare delivery and critical health-related decision making through on time delivery of information.


Objectives of the HIT Department: In addition to preparing the graduates of HIT to achieve the skills necessary to perform the activities addressed in the Domains, Subdomains, and Task Competencies for Registered Health Information Technicians, the objectives of the professional portion of the HIT Department are to prepare the student, by means of theoretical, practical, and clinical instruction to:
• Develop and demonstrate the ability to respond to the changing informational needs of the patient, the providers of health care, researchers and educators.
• Develop and demonstrate awareness of the technologies and equipment affecting information storage and retrieval and to develop the ability to utilize these resources appropriately.
• Develop and demonstrate the ability to communicate with ease in a group setting in both the leadership and supportive roles and to communicate effectively.
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the history and evolution of health information technology with particular emphasis on current and future developments in the profession.
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the current scope and responsibilities of health information technology and its relationship to other professions.
• Develop an awareness of the need for continued professional education and growth.
• Develop an interest in the promotion of health information management as a career and in the encouragement of potential candidates toward this goal.


Habtamu Hailemariam Asfaw
1. Habtamu Hailemariam, Department head
2. Kirubel Mamo
3. Alemseged Tesfaye
4. Melaku Tewededeberhan
5. Zerihun Bekele
6. Hayredin Mussa
7. Milkias Shimeles, Workshop Assistant


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