Description of the department

Manufacturing department is one of the department to train the trainees in metal sector. The department has 33 (thirty three) trainers out of the numbers three are female. The trainer’s educational background are mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology. Our department gives the training based on the occupational standard from level one (basic metal work) to level five (metal manufacturing management). The training given in four basic streams that are mechanics, foundry work, machining and welding. Additionally gives national welding training. We have 6 workshops those workshops are arranged with basic and advanced machineries. In our department doing different technologies based on the MSE needs. Our department awards different rewards for the last eight years.


To bear competitive trainees and to improve and transfer different fruitful technologies for MSEs.


To provide superior project based training that consistently meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations. We strive to consistently deliver the highest quality of training and to support MSE increasing product quality and productivity.


Thomas Mamo

1. Abayneh Demisu
2. Adugna Brhanu
3. Anwar Mahmud
4. Asefa Zeleke
5. Bayelign Brile
6. Bedilu Nigussie
7. Beruk Dese
8. Brhan Ayalew
9. Dasash Gelaw
10. Derejei Melesse
11. Eyerusalem Temesgen
12. Eyob Digafe
13. G/Michael Aregay
14. Gizachew Kitaw
15. H/mariam Medihin
16. Jebesa Chaluma
17. Kaleb Shemsdin
18. Leuel Saged Hailu
19. Melaku Abebe
20. Mohamud Mohamed
21. Mulatu Hayilu
22. Nigus Girma
23. Nurhusien Hassen
24. Rezen Mebrahtu
25. Solomon Tsehaye
26. Tajebew Lewete
27. Teklu Ayele
29. Temesgen Yaregal
30. Tesfaye Misgana
31. Thomas Mamo - Dept. Head
32. Yaberal Getachew
33. Yalemserf Nigate
34. Yednkachew Getachew
35. Yohannes Mengestu
36. Yosef Abeb
37. Zimbelachewu Emaway


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