Vison and Mission


• To capacitate AA Tegbare-id to become the best TVET lead cluster College/Center of excellence in Ethiopia after a transitional period of 5 years with regards to the quality of outcome based training. TeCAT and Industrial Extension as well as cost-effective and efficient centre operation.


• To scale-up the beneficiaries, the community and MSE/industry in Addis Ababa through the provision of appropriate and improved action and demand oriented, outcome based training, technology transfer and industrial extension services

• To create an environment that is conducive to the cultivation of social skills and entrepreneurship among the trainees.
• To serve as a model for other (lead cluster) colleges
• To cooperate with relevant stakeholder in promoting and developing local, regional and national know-how


We company…

• trainees (regular and extension) in their personality development and on their way to organize their future occupational career.
• (young) professionals in starting up their own business • MSEs, industry in improving their business and the quality of delivered products

We work…

• cooperative
• outcome based as well as action, demand oriented
• team oriented

We offer…

• trainees (regular/extension) the opportunity to obtain and further develop their range of occupational competencies which will be required in their future life of work

• MSEs and industry appropriate assistance (TeCAT and industrial services) to further develop their quality of work and to improve their business capabilities

Our Calm…

• performance and quality orientation, willingness to life-long learning to be open minded and tolerant and to take social responsibility

• Tegbare-id makes use of its extended institutional autonomy in order to improve its Services

We are…

• outcome focused
• strictly customer focused
• s provider in a wider rnage of Vocational Education, TeCAT and Industrial Extension Services within Addis Ababa

We Foster…

• accountability, transparency, mutual trust appreciation.
• personal responsibility and self-reliance
• knowledgeable, trustworthy and committed leadership on all levels
• sustainability and network thinking

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